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Monte Alen National Park

Awesome National park in Equatorial Guinea

Monte Alen National Park is one of the hidden gems left in Africa. It is a protected area covering 14,000 sq miles of tropical rain forest home to gorillas, chimpanzees, forest ele­phants, crocodiles and many other species of wildlife. Awesome guided day treks by trained villagers cost US$10. You’ll see monkeys, a host of birdlife and butterflies, and, if you’re lucky, some larger mammals. Whats really awesome about these safaris is that you get a once of a life time experience in one Africa's most renowned national parks that has amazing wildlife and unbelievable beauty




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i. Departure City: Madison, WI - Dane County Airport Arrival City: Malabo, Equatorial Guinea - Santa Isabel Airport (SSG)
ii. Price- $2480 USD
iii. http://www.tripadvisor.com/Flights-g294437-Equatorial_Guinea-Cheap_Discount_Airfares.html


i. Ibis hotels- $166 USD a night
ii. http://www.kayak.com/h/hotel/details.vtl?searchid=RAECb8ATk&hid=610530&hideSplit=1&rating=3&bookiturl=1816254584.EANWHISKY,EANWHISKY.16555|1592774298.ARN,ARN.16564|1001323985.EXPEDIA,EXPEDIA.-100&cp=1-4-4&idx=2&ro=true&pg=1



Arena Blanca beach, the only white beach on Bioko, and during the dry season millions of butterflies can be seen migrating to the area. Go to Bata, the principle town in the region of Rio Muni on the mainland. It is a lively town with a few restaurants, bars, hotels and markets. You could visit the Cascade of Moca which is inhabited by several species of monkey and other rare wild life which makes for awesome sight seeing. Go to one of the many other towns of the nation such as Malabo, Moca, Pico Basile, and Pico Malabo. All these towns have genuine Spanish architecture and culture with lively markets engendering hours of adventuring and fun. Go to Monte Alen National Park, an area spanning 1,400 sq km (540 sq miles). It is accessible via a series of trails through the jungle and is inhabited by elephants, leopards and several bird species.




General Price of a meal- Food prices are pretty similar to the U.S., maybe even a little cheaper, with the price of an inexpensive meal costing around $7 USD. The price of everything else is very relate able to here in the U.S. Here's a price to all average prices in equatorial guinea.



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culture of equatorial guinea compared to the US


Culture here and in the U.S. isn't entirely different; although there are some differences. One of the biggest differences is that witchcraft and other odd rituals are very common to see being preformed and advertised throughout the country and in large numbers. Although Roman Catholicism is still the dominant religion; practice or witchcraft and paganism is not uncommon. Here, unlike many other countries, there are many great ancient and traditional dances and songs that are still practiced throughout Equatorial Guinea, unlike here in the U.S. where most dance and music is modernized with a minute percent of the populous still avidly practicing traditional dance and song. The most common languages spoken in Equatorial Guinea are Spanish, Portuguese, and French; unlike the U.S. were the masses speak English and a lower percent speak a smorgasbord of languages. Greetings are accompanied by enthusiastic handshaking and sometimes a small bow, along with greeting women with a light kiss on both cheeks. Greeting everybody in a small group is very common; also if the hand is dirty one extends their forearm to be shaken instead. Most greeting in verbatim are formal greeting such as Buenos Dias Senior/Senorita (Insert name here). People stand close to one another, often touching while they talk. Holding hands or locking arms while talking or walking is common for men and children. While talking hand gestures are often used to communicate better and to express greater what has happened in life so for example hands closed in a prayer position can mean anything from “nothing left” to “such is life.”

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La Ropa


En Ecuatorial Guinea, tú necesitas la ropa ligera. Esta muy calor en Ecuatorial Guinea. La ropa tu quieres es mucho camisetas y pantalones cortos. Tu necesito las gafas del sol. También tu quieres una gorra o visera. Tal vez tú quieres una sudadora de la luz.

Market with regulars in Equatorial Guinea

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Neat Facts!

Awesome facts about Equatorial Guinea


1. Slightly smaller than Maryland, U.S.A.
2. Aboriginal people were believed to be pigmies
3. The Equatoguinean coat of arms features six stars, which represent the six major land areas that make up the country
4. Although most of Equatorial guinea is located on the main land of Africa, it's capitol sits on the island of Bioko which lies in the Gulf of Guinea
5. Equatoguinean is the proper way to announce someone who is from Equatorial Guinea
6. Back when Equatorial Guinea was dominated by the Spaniards, it's name was Spanish Guinea
7. Oil gave Equatorial Guinea its economic boom during the 1990's
8. Equatorial Guinea is the most significant mangrove area in all of Africa
9. The silk cotton tree is native only in Equatorial Guinea and a few of its neighbors
10. The Gulf of Guinea is what makes up the big indentation on the western side of Africa


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